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About Calalat Brush Company

Shenzhen Carat Brush Industry is a family-owned enterprise. Until now, it has nearly 30 years experience in brush manufacturing. The company is well-known for its brush customization and outstanding customer service.
After years of development, Huarui brush industry has now integrated brush machine research and development, brush production,sales and service in one brush professional enterprises.

Capabilities and equipment:

   ● Advanced brush manufacturing technology.

   ● Brush-making machinery is independent research and development manufacturing by us, so it will be more easier and quick to meet customers customized requirement .

   ● advanced automation equipment to ensure the consistency of quality and value.

   ● Machinery research and development, brush production, sales and service in one, focusing on professional, to simplify your supply chain.

   ● Experienced brush making team, your product will be fully considered.

   ● Inventory appropriate amount of brushes and standard catalog products for fast shipping.

Main production:

Experienced brushes team, so that we create a brush is unlimited, almost every aspect of our society, whether public or private.

Iron bar brush categories:  single strip brush, double strip brush, spring brush, disc brush, cup brush, door brush, escalator brush, seal brush, dust brush, polishing brush, roller brush, polishing roller brush, and large-scale polishing brush for the steel industry etc.

Tufting brush categories: hair comb, cleaning brush, toothbrush, roller brush, sweeping machine brush, vacuum cleaner brush, face cleaning brush, makeup brush and so on.

Service industry:

Carat Brush provides customized brush and OEM services to customers all over the world, such as:
Steel industry polishing, escalator seal, door seal, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, electronics, food processing, medical, metal finishing, military, oil and gas, printing, utilities and so on .

Carat brush today:

Over time, while many things are changing, our brush making, automated machinery, and even the brushes filling material we use have improved, but one thing that has not changed from beginning to end is our business Philosophy: Rigidity, standards, details, honesty, which will be lashing us to provide excellent products and excellent service to our clients and create &keep good business relationships with them.